Easy access and well located, we store all types of Caravans Motorhomes and more!

Very large secure storage site where you can safely store your caravan.

Fry's Caravan Storage Plymouth. CaSSoA Gold Rated

Located just minutes away from the Main A38 , for easy access, Fry’s Caravan Storage is a great place to store not just your Caravan , but Motorhomes and other vehicles and Boats.

The open roads leading to the site, along with it’s large open plan storage area are key advantages in using us for your storage requirements.

Caravan Storage Plymouth - Motorhome

Just minutes away from the A38

Haye Road, Elburton, Plymouth PL9 8AT In a discrete location away from the main road. Click here for more location details.

24 hour CCTV Recording!

  • New CCTV system installed with number plate recognition cameras.
  • New Key Fob Entry System.